Author: xavier22901

  • @ Syracuse 1/30/2023

    I wrote somewhat facetiously on social media that it was hard to find anything to write about this game, in reference to much of the offense coming against the zone, and the first two responses that I got were spot on as two of the larger things I’d earmarked to discuss. That was a cool […]

  • vs. Boston College 1/28/2023

    After the last game I anticipated taking a break from writing about the frontcourt but, sure enough, it’s the most notable point of discussion after Jayden Gardner flipped the script from the Wake game and went off for 18 points and 6 rebounds in this one, shooting 8-12 from the field and firing up the […]

  • @ Wake Forest 1/21/2023

    This was another great win on the road, the first suffered by Wake at home this season. We shot the lights out from deep, including a career game from Armaan Franklin with 25 points and 10 rebounds in 37 minutes, and weathered the storm with both Reece Beekman and Kihei Clark playing through foul trouble […]

  • “Halfway” Check-In

    Well, hello again! No specific game review this time, but given that we’re, roughly, halfway through the season if we get to play a few postseason games, it feels like a good time to check-in with some takeaways that I’ve been mulling while watching, digesting, replaying, pausing, replaying, pausing, replaying, clipping, and writing about the […]

  • vs. Virginia Tech 1/18/2023

    Another great and comfortable win, this time over an in-state rival. It was very cool to see Ty Jerome stop in for the game, and even cooler to see Steph Curry attend with him. Just good vibes all around in this one. After the last game against FSU, I focused on Small and Smaller Ball […]

  • @ Florida State 1/14/2023

    A shockingly comfortable win on the road against FSU is not something we, or any ACC team, has gotten used to in recent years. It was a good feeling that what likely would have been a “trap” game for us in any season, or just one in which we didn’t matchup as well given their […]

  • vs. North Carolina 1/10/2023

    Me: “Small Ball is being over-utilized and we need to scale back except in the right matchups.” CTB: “Note taken. Let’s try even SMALLER!” Me: “No! Wait! I didn’t mean… huh, would you look at that?” I celebrate any win over UNC feverishly, especially record setting 8th wins in a row at Charlottesville. And with […]

  • vs. Syracuse 1/7/2023

    A much-needed conference win against a solid opponent, historically giving CTB the most wins in program history! What a legend and how humble he was in accepting the accomplishment was a great example to the team and something for the supporters of the program to be proud. I’ll be going back to the likes and […]

  • @ Pittsburgh 1/3/2023

    For anyone wondering – I have been back to the old format for the past two but that’s just because I haven’t been able to start recording real time and the resource from last year has been prompt and on it. Will return to old formatting as able/needed. Rather than my typical format of ad […]

  • @ Miami 12/20/2022

    My initial gut reaction after watching this one was frustration and to recoil, but there’s a lot to be learned from this one that I hope we do moving forward. This was also the manifestation of some of the things I’ve expressed worry about earlier in the season. A really ugly first 25 minutes or […]