Author: xavier22901

  • vs. Houston 12/17/2022

    The first one of these I’m having to do after a loss. I wouldn’t call this a discouraging loss, though. Several times in recent years we have faced a top-tier opponent like the Cougars and looked uncompetitive. That was not the case on Saturday. We very much looked like we belonged despite Reece not being […]

  • vs. James Madison 12/6/2022

    We did it! The quality isn’t ideal yet because of my capture method (trying to see if we can fix that starting next game). I got a TON of help from Seattle Hoo (@seattlehoo), a new friend of the site, to help make this process work (and put a solution in place that should work […]

  • vs. Florida State 12/3/2022

    An ugly win is still a win, which you’ll take in ACC play, especially against FSU, whose size and style of play have given us fits in recent years, even when they’re down. In fact, we’d lost 4 of our last 5 games against Leonard Hamilton’s squad. Their record and some of their bad losses […]

  • @ Michigan 11/29/2022

    What. A. Game! This is the kind of character win that can help shape a team’s resilience and mental toughness over the span of a season. A true road game against a talented opponent who made the Sweet 16 last year, with some unique pieces that offered mismatches (more on this later). Our best player […]

  • vs. Maryland-Eastern Shore 11/25/22

    Alright, this is going to be a relatively shorter one of these without as much video, both because I just have the condensed game for this one and because there isn’t as much to take away. Maryland-Eastern Shore didn’t start anyone over 6’5″ and just wasn’t any kind of representation of any team we’ll likely […]

  • Continental Tire Part 2 – vs. Illinois

    Let’s pick up right where we left off after showing out against the tournament favorite, facing off against a talented Illinois team who just staged a strong comeback against UCLA, and whose fanbase packed T-Mobile Stadium. This had the feeling of a true road game, with stakes. One which we closed out with a 13-0 […]

  • Continental Tire Part 1 – vs. Baylor

    What a weekend! I was able to get out there to see this one in person, the first game with the family and the second courtside. I was contemplating how to format this since my initial observations were in person and I’ve re-watched the coverage after the fact. I think the best way is to […]

  • vs. Monmouth 11/11/2022

    Note: I finished writing this last night before hearing about the shooting on grounds. Not pushing it out as it’s not important right now, just keeping it here for posterity. Sickened to hear about the news and will be sending thoughts and love to the community from a couple of hours north. Much more convincing […]

  • vs. North Carolina Central 11/7/2022

    After each game this season I (hope) to provide one of these. You’re used to seeing recaps and analysis of what happened in the games from any number of outlets. My goal for these is going to be a little bit different. I’m going to highlight a handful of things that I liked or didn’t […]

  • Campaigning for Kadin

    In my recent entry previewing the season, I wrote that Beekman and Shedrick were our best players last year and that, for us to reach out ceiling, we would need both to take a developmental leap, especially on the offensive end of the ball. This generated some discussion as I think most UVa fans thought […]